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Understand How Social Media Promotes Books

In the early days of social media, book promoters and other publishing industry pros learned the hard way there were limits. Since then, authors have learned more about how to post effectively and get shares and likes. Promoting books on social media is quicker and more effective when they do. It's a given that a highly followed celebrity with millions of followers can post a few times about a book and sell thousands of copies. But most people, even obvious ones, don't have followings like those and must have realistic expectations. That said, social media has a role in nearly every book PR campaign.

One of the cardinal rules for authors is to begin building a following early. Algorithms are more challenging than ever and have high expectations for viewer engagement to start recommending you – and the competition for that attention is fierce. When you already have an established following, you'll add more over time and watch it grow exponentially. Posting steadily without overposting is as crucial as finding what your followers enjoy is essential. The trick is to get likes and shares, and when you hit on what they like, you'll begin making quicker progress. You can check out competing authors for post-inspiration.

It's also practical to cross-promote among platforms. For example, you can post links to your articles on social media if you have a blog. The same goes for media coverage, whether articles or videos. Your fans and followers will be interested, and it will help you increase the audience for your media coverage. The same goes for events and book signings. If you schedule any, have someone record a video and post it online. Regardless of where things originate, almost everything ends up posted online today. It also helps you get the most from your time and investment. Events that have virtual components are valuable.

Book PR pros remind sales-minded authors to avoid controversial topics like politics in social media posts (unless you are an author who writes about politics). Many people succeed with humorous or fun posts if you have a good sense of humor. Helpful information that people find interesting also tends to do well. There's not an exact formula for what to do/not do. Testing the water and trying different types of posts is one of the best ways to learn. Your posts are another creative outlet like your book. Putting time and thought into them makes them more successful nearly always.


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